Business analytical and data analysis must be made a priority to all employees. Our INSIGHT DRIVEN CONSULTING SERVICES inclusive of assisting organizations to:

  • Forecast and predict strategic decisions based on intelligence insight
  • Identify focus area to improve and the required and relevant data
  • Build model that predict business outcome based on business strategy
  • Visual intelligence insights based on complex sets of data using our own product, BIZZINSIGHT
  • Develop Insight driven talents using our own Certified Data Analysis and Visualization Program
  • Our consulting team has more than 20 years of experiences in systems design, development, testing, implementation, integration, deployment, maintenance, and support across a wide range of platforms – desktop, server, web, mobile, cloud – throughout our Rapid Application Development. Our team is capable to help you address evolving business challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Insight Mind Support and Maintenance (IMSM) services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications. The services span offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement. Our services provide a portfolio of solutions for assisted and advisory support services for applications environments. Our services will assist clients to prevent problems and minimize risk and bugs fixing for the application


  • Our proposed solution, AgroSYM, stands for Agriculture System for Smart Yield Management. AgroSYM manages crop yield by monitoring pest threats and invasive plants and estimating density of beneficial agents.  Furthermore, our solution can facilitate decision making in daily farm activities.
  • While the predictive power of our analytics engine provides immediate benefits in alerting onset of threats, it can be used strategically in yield forecasting and import requirement. Realizing the economic barrier to adopt advanced technologies, we collaborate with numerous parties in the entire production ecosystem in order to ensure that our price model is well justified by its added values.