Agriculture Smart Yield Management

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It is estimated there will be 9.6 billion people to be fed in 2050, therefore, agricultural practice need to be revolutionized and transform to increase productivity and to feed the future.

Insight Mind has developed a solution that combines smart farming practice and digital technology as part of our contribution towards sustainable development goal.


Our proposed solution, AgroSYM, stands for Agriculture System for Smart Yield Management. AgroSYM manages crop yield by monitoring pest threats and invasive plants and estimating density of beneficial agents. Furthermore, our solution can facilitate decision making in daily farm activities.

While the predictive power of our analytics engine provides immediate benefits in alerting onset of threats, it can be used strategically in yield forecasting and import requirement. Realizing the economic barrier to adopt advanced technologies, we collaborate with numerous parties in the entire production ecosystem in order to ensure that our price model is well justified by its added values.


Rice (Oryza sativa or Asian rice, subspecies Indica, Japonica and Javanica)

Is the most widely consumed staple food in Asia. Along with other rice species, Oryza glaberrima (African rice) and wild rice (Zizania), rice has been the source of nutrients for over one billion people or one fifth of the world population at a consumption rate of 100kg per person per year.

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The Technology


Insight Mind proposes to create value in agriculture by first, understanding sustainable practice in food production. Next, we conduct extensive research in identifying existing practices and its limitations. Only after thoroughly understanding the entire ecosystem for a crop that we suggest viable technology solutions or as alternative practice for sustainability. We strongly believe our solutions could create economic impact by improving the economic livelihood of farmers and contribute to food security.

AgroSYM comprises two main components – AgroIOT and AgroInsight.

  • AgroIOT handles the flow of sensor data within the communication network, from the fields to the IOT cloud, and vice versa to deal with automation of farming machinery.
  • AgroInsight utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence engine and real time sensor data to manage yield threats by providing alert and suggest remedial actions.
  • Our extensive field experience allows us to recommend eleven parameters key to yield management for local fields. We strongly propose saving of freshwater and reduction of

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With Agriculture Smart Yield Management (AgroSYM)