Empowering Actionable Insight

Organizations may have vast amount of data. However, how many of the data can turn into information and as a result, be able to provide actionable insight. Organizations need business insights for informed decision-making. Insight driven organizations will give strategic advantage to create sustainability and growth for businesses

The Problem:

Alignment of Data and Strategy

Most of the time, organizations are already equipped with system applications with vast amount of data to operate their organizations and tackle their business problems, but managers simply do not know how they can turn the data into strategic information to make key business decisions. The alignment of business strategy with data management is vital to ensure that technology investments provide the insight needed for organizations to make the right decisions. Organizations are required to select the right tool that support current and future strategic and business oriented goals.

One of the biggest challenges in business is to make strategic decisions regarding the viability of its model in the future, the comparative performance of its clients and its cost components. The availability of data and high-speed computers open the opportunity for data-driven businesses that utilize insights from data to efficiently manage clients and growth.

Business insights that are extracted from quality data and accurate models are the basis for solid decision-making that affords genuine confidence in new initiatives and investments. Now, the real challenge lies in identifying, capturing and modelling of these data so that strategic information can be made available instantaneously.

The Solution

Our solution to business insights is through a web framework called BIZZINSIGHT.

BIZZINSIGHT will help your business to transform business analytics from historical or descriptive (what happened last month) to predictive (what could happen).

We understand the evolving nature of client’s business model, diverse support system and complexity of their data. Therefore, we often involve in identifying and structuring key data, and designing the flow of their data before reaching the stage of quality dataset, modeling and insight reporting.

Modelling and Visualization

High level update charts and numerous insightful visualization plots facilitate planning and decision making. Assurance on model accuracy is supported by key training and validation reports. Refined data frames and charts can be downloaded for quarterly reports and long-term storage. Succinctly, BizzInsight allows users to quickly understand the state of their business and to evaluate their strategies and models on regular basis, and in highly efficient and secured environment.

The Operational Model

We work with clients whose functional roles depend on harnessing strategic information from data.  We will closely walk through with client using our INSIGHT DRIVEN METHODOLOGY:

  • Naturally, the first step is to understand the relationship between relevant parties in the ecosystem, and how strategic information affect them.
  • Only then can we recommend relative importance of their data, prior to statistical evaluation using feature importance analysis.

We strongly suggest clients focus and keep high-quality data only. Data cleaning, though can be strategically avoided in the future, normally take place in the beginning. Advanced statistical, analytical and visualization engines are hosted at secured and high-speed servers such that all tasks can be completed entirely within the interactive browsing platform.

BizzInsight Technology Stack

All Types of Data Sources

BizzInsight caters for all types of data sources – numbers, texts and images. Python and R languages are utilized to perform data cleansing, pre-processing and pipelining. Sklearn, Numpy and Pandas modules are employed to handle numerical data, whereas a combination of Tensorflow, Pytorch and Keras are the workhorse for neural network.

Different Structures of Database

The entire data flow relies on different structures of databases – relational, non-structured and serverless.  Therefore, our technology thrives by combining defacto databases such as MySQL and MariaDB, and data-driven and light db’s such as MongoDB and SQLite3.

Highly Responsive Technologies

Our web analytics browser and mobile apps are powered by highly responsive technologies derived from React.js

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